Monsoon Season in the Desert

“Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day” is not something we have learned to sing as residents of the desert! However, many people who are not from Las Vegas do not fully understand monsoon season!

Monsoons are a shift in wind direction, which causes excessive rainfall in many parts of the world. The primary mechanism behind a monsoon is a shift in global wind patterns.

Starting in late May/Early June and ending in early September, the air gets so hot that it tries to share energy with the cold upper atmosphere. The sun warms up the deserts in the southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico creating a “vacuum” of air pressure above the desert.

There are two major risks during monsoon season; Flooding and Fire! When the rain falls at a fast rate in a short amount of time, there is not much time to get soaked up and it tends to create major flooding. On the other hand, since the valley is on the outer edge of the monsoon range, we are also at major risk of lighting striking dried up trees and causing fires!

According to the National Weather Service, and reported by FOX5, “the wettest monsoon season since they have been keeping records was 1984 when 3.94” of rain fell. The driest was in 1944 when only a trace of rain was recorded.”

It is important to be aware of monsoon season and all the dangers that come with it. Here are a few “safety tips” for monsoon season in Las Vegas

Benefits of Living in Las Vegas

Many people think of Las Vegas and only see the strip. Residing here is not what most people would think. The Las Vegas Strip is a great benefit for entertainment and activities but Residential areas in Lake Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin has many other benefits.
imagesEntertainment: Las Vegas is arguably “The Entertainment Capital of the World” and people come all over for the food, shows, conventions and events. Living here means attending all of the exciting “happenings” without travel expenses.

Schools: Green Valley Ranch High School was recently voted one of the top high schools in the nation and is conveniently located to some of our Harmony Homes Communities.

Sunlight: On average Las Vegas has over 300 sunny days a year. Sunlight is proven increase serotonin in your body making people happier. 

Golf Courses: Some of the golf courses across Henderson and Las Vegas have been rated the top in the world. See for yourself

Employment: The current job market is increasing every day. Las Vegas is home to many start up businesses as well as stable, powerful corporations.

Variety: This location is close to California, Arizona and Utah for weekend trips. There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to adventures and weekend trips.

Thinking about making a move? Call Harmony Homes 702-576-0549 with questions about their available inventory and top-selling communities or visit to see all of your different elevations, locations and home designs. Buy New. Buy Smart. Buy Harmony

Safe Driving Tips

Speeding & Distractions
- We all know that being on your phone and driving is very distracting. We have all heard the messages and seen the statistics. It is not worth the risk, and neither is speeding! Speeding is usually a major factor in accidents. There is a limit for a reason and driving 10mph fast really only saves you a few minutes. If you really need to be somewhere, allow yourself 10 minutes extra to get there.

images-1Seat Belts
- Even low speed crashed can send you out a window/windshield; it is better to stay safe and supported with a seatbelt than to deal with the consequence. In the overwhelming majority, it saves your life to wear your seatbelt.

- In Las Vegas we don’t have to worry about much bad weather, but when we do its windy and flooding! When the wind is bad don’t try to be a speed racer, take your time or drive safe when the wind is trying to blow you off the road. Flooding happens every year and still we have many accidents. When the rain starts, remember that you can’t drive as fast as normal and when there is water in the road you never know how deep or dangerous it really it. It is best to go around it, not through it.

Driving with other Drivers
- Sometimes it is safe to assume and keeps you more aware, if you think that other drivers don’t know what they are doing. A good “rule-of-thumb” is to be prepared to brake, even if you have the right of way. Another key safety tip is to never assume that the person with their turn signal on is actually turning. You never know if they are turning or they simply forgot to turn it off after they switched lanes.

- Don’t be the impatient driver putting everyone else around you in danger. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and follow the speed limit. If you are more of a defensive driver you may be able to anticipate an accident before it happens and avoid it. That is much better than speeding because you are late and ending up IN the accident!

Vehicle Maintenance
- Maintenance shouldn’t be done just for the good of the car, but for your safety as well. One of the most common maintenance problems that people have and leads to crashing is tire pressure. Uneven tire pressure or pressure that is too high or low can lead to a blowout. Another key area is the brakes. Make sure that if you feel something is not right with your brakes you get it checked out right away. It might be nothing but it is best to be safe rather than sorry!

Financial Mistakes to Avoid After Buying a Home

We have laid out a few common mistakes that homebuyers seem to face right after buying a home. Take a look and make sure you can fight off the temptations! 


1.) Not Budgeting. — You have officially bought your house so the greatest expense is out of your way but you still need to know your budget. Things happen out of nowhere. You don’t want to get caught with a big financial burden and you haven’t been saving your money.

2.) Buy a new car  – You might have spending fever but unless you cannot make it from place to place comfortably, you do not need the new car right now. Maybe wait a year to really get your financial bearings back.

3.) Decorate all at once.  – We know you’re excited but decorating the entire house all at once is a good way to rack up a credit card bill. Do one room at a time, wait for sales and pick up little things to decorate with as you see them to spend the money over time instead of all at once.

4.) Factor in Maintenance. — Even with a new house, you’ll eventually have to do some maintenance or maybe even upgrades! Be aware of the upcoming expenses when you think about spending your money or impulsive items.

5.) Start Charging.  – Don’t go into debt just because you bought a house. Continue paying cash for things you purchase. Wait to charge things to your credit card until you have a good handle on your bills, spending and savings.

Sales offices are open daily from 10am to 6pm except on Monday, when they open at noon. For information about Harmony Homes communities please visit our website.

10 things you didn’t know about Las Vegas

Unknown-1Harmony Homes holds a great position having 8 communities in Nevada, 6 of them being in the famous city of Las Vegas! More than half a million residence have built businesses and families in the “Sin City” but few non-residents understand what this town really has to offer! Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Las Vegas

1. Down with the old, up with the new has is the best way to explain the real estate turnover that Las Vegas has enabled.

2. It is actually a city full of culture with multiple museums, even though they might not be exactly what you think they are.

3. “When people think of Vegas, they think of the Strip, but recently, the older Downtown area has been pulling focus.”

4. Every year, Las Vegas is host to thousands of conventions from construction to gaming.

5. As buildings get torn down and put up, there are still a few that have been bought and abandoned and are now rotting in the hot Nevada sun.

6. There is a casino that has been the location of movies and TV shows that never even existed!

7. More and more people are coming to play in Las Vegas. It becomes known more and more for music than architecture.

8. “Gambling is no longer the main motivator of a trip to Vegas.”

9. Halloween tends to happen every day with impersonators on every corner.

10. It may be far and few between, but the original “Vegas” style still holds a presence in a few places.

“There’s a lot about Vegas you might not know — and we don’t just mean magic tricks, personal secrets or those holes in the desert you see in gangster movies.”

Delhi Estates for Immediate Move-In

kitchen-delhiLocated in North Las Vegas near West Gowan Road and Valley Drive, the community is situated on a cul-de-sac, and includes 14 lots. Delhi Estates has ONE single story floor plan of 1,797 square feet available for immediate move-in! This beautiful home is now at an incredible price of $202,780.



Delhi Estates offers quick access to the Cheyenne Avenue and Rancho Drive corridors, as well as shopping, schools, churches, restaurants and other day-to-day amenities buyers want near their neighborhood.
Call our Harmony Homes sales agents Tony (702) 334-4301 or Kevin (702) 526-5143 or stop by the sales office at 2029 Old Field Rd., N. Las Vegas, NV 89081.

large back yard-delhi For further information on Delhi Estates, visit our website! Sales offices are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on Monday, when they open at noon.

Harmony News!


Pearlite2212Pearlite Community has plan 2212 available for immediate move-in. This single story home is located near Whitney Ranch and Stephanie Lynn Craig Park. The floor plan is 2,212 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Great Room, Courtyard, Kitchen Island and 2-car garage from $287,970!


Serenada at Mountains Edge is a very family friendly community with Residence 2151 available for immediate move-in! Get settled down in a new home sooner rather than later!  This is a 2 story plan wither 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, living room, dining room and loft, overall covering 2,151 sq. ft.


Bella Fiore
Bella plan 5
Bella Fiore at Lake Las Vegas is having a builder close out! We have 7 lots left with 3 beautiful single story floor plans available for viewing on our website or when you visit at 98 Contrada Fiore Dr. Henderson, NV  89011. Bella Fiore has large home sites available, with special incentives and closing cost assistance!


If you have any questions about our communities please call us at 702-576-0549 or visit our websiteBuy New. Buy Smart. Buy Harmony

Harmony Homes’ Bella Fiore nearly sold out

Nestled in a mountainside just 17 miles from the Strip, Bella Fiore at Lake Las Vegas has been one of Harmony Homes’ most popular communities, but just seven lots remain.

Bella Fiore offers three single-story floor plans, 2,307 to 2,922 square feet, with prices starting in the $330,000s.

Bella Plan 6

“Lake Las Vegas is one of the most amazing communities in Southern Nevada, so we always expected Bella Fiore to be popular,” said Robert Beville, president of Harmony Homes. “But what we hear from our buyers is that it’s not just the beauty of this area, but the quality and high value of our homes that makes them so desirable. Our buyers really love the little luxurious details we include in all of our homes, and they feel our prices are unbeatable.”

All three of Bella Fiore’s open floor plans feature kitchens with oversized islands and granite countertops, and paver driveways.

Custom options include additional bedrooms, dens, extended closets, outdoor fireplaces, hobby rooms and guest suites.

The 2,307-square-foot plan includes a three-car tandem garage, which offers one regular garage bay, and a second extra-deep garage bay that allows for one car to be parked behind the other, or for an extra-long vehicle or boat to be parked in the elongated spot.

The tandem garage gives the home an option for a fourth bedroom in place of the third garage bay, or an option for an extended closet in the master bedroom, which would take part of the extended third bay’s space. The floor plan also offers the option for a den in place of the home’s third bedroom.

Built around a 320-acre man-made lake, the Mediterranean-inspired community of Lake Las Vegas includes resort-hotels and a marina and golf club, as well as MonteLago Village, which is home to restaurants, shopping and special events.

All the Harmony Homes homes are part of the builder’s five-star energy certification, which includes energy-efficient features such as radiant barriers to help reduce heat transfer through the roof and attic; low-e windows that help reflect heat away from the glass; vinyl window frames for superior insulation; and 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating heating, ventilation and cooling systems that hold the government-recommended 13 rating and use less energy per unit.

All homes also feature sealed ducts to help reduce energy consumption.

Harmony Homes has a second community at Lake Las Vegas, Tremezzo, which features floor plans from 2,307 to 3,758 square feet, starting in the $360,000s. Tremezzo has just four lots left.

Lake Las Vegas near downtown Henderson. To visit, take either Interstate 95 south to Lake Mead Parkway, or take the 215 Beltway east to Lake Mead Parkway. Follow Lake Mead Parkway east to Lake Las Vegas Parkway and go left. Follow directional signs to Bella Fiore.

Harmony Homes has sold more than 1,600 homes since it was formed in Southern Nevada in late 2008. It offers 10 neighborhoods throughout Southern Nevada, with one- and two-story homes priced from the $150,000s and ranging from 1,479 to 3,758 square feet. It is also offering two new communities in Southern California.

Sales offices are open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, except on Monday, when they open at noon. Beginning March 10, sales offices are open daily until 6 p.m. For more information about Bella Fiore, call 702-576-0549, or visit

It’s time for a Spooktacular Halloween: The Vegas Edition

The nights are getting longer and colder, and Halloween is almost here. It’s time to don your costumes and celebrate the Trick or Treat festivities. Wondering where to celebrate the holiday? Harmony Homes has done the research so you don’t have to. Here’s a few of out Ghoultastic celebrations in Las Vegas this year:

Haunted Eiffel Tower Experience

The popular attraction at Paris will be haunting the place with zombie tower ambassadors, spooky decor, and unexpected surprises. The haunted experience will open October 31st and run through November 3rd.

Haunted Titanic Tour

The Luxor takes you on a spine-tingling tour with chilling ghost stories around the real-life Titanic exhibition. Can you feel the presence of ghosts spirits at the this haunted tour? Go find out from now through November 2nd.

Fright Dome

Ranked one of the top 5 scariest haunted attractions in America Fright Dome has teamed up with Fortress Features to bring you two new houses themed after popular movies ‘The Collector’ and ‘The Collection’. Prepare for the fright of your life at Circus Circus from now through October 31st.

The Las Vegas Halloween Parade

Thursday, October 31st is the day to wear your gruesome costumes and get ready to walk the 4th annual Las Vegas Halloween Parade. Starting on Fremont and 13th St at 6pm, all those dressed in fangtastic costumes are welcome to walk the parade for free and can enter the costume contest by registering here.

Own a Harmony Homes Property with a Leaseback Sale in Nevada

Harmony Homes offer different finance options to help you purchase your very own home. Leaseback sale is one of them.

There are 10 properties currently available for leaseback sale in Nevada. Six in our Silhouette community, two at the Daybreak community and two at Serenada at Mountain’s Edge.



Daybreak is located at the base of Sunrise Mountain with spectacular views of the Las Vegas Valley, near Nellis Air Force Base and the Hollywood Recreation Center with skateboarding, aquatics, an outdoor amphitheater and an 18-hole golf course. The community features two models and three floor-plans ranging from 1,739 to 2,275 square feet.

Call a Sales Counselor to find out more information today: 702-527-7700

Visit Daybreak today at: 2534 Morning Cloud Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89142


2436 exterior

Silhouette is located in the popular southwest part of Las Vegas, just minutes from the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas water park and a short drive from popular outdoor attractions, including Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. Silhouette features six models and nine available two-story floor plans ranging from 1,706 to 2,939 square feet.

Call a Sales Counselor to find out more information today: 702-201-1955

Visit Silhouette today at: 713 Tall Arrow Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89178



Serenada is located in the master-planned community of Mountain’s Edge close to the Nature Exploration Discovery Park and newly opened Wet ‘n’ Wild water park. The community boasts two-story homes ranging from 2,157 to 2,636 square feet from $234,990.

Email a Sales Counselor to find out more information today or Call: 702-468-6220.

Visit Serenada today at: 10088 Cloud Break Street, Las Vegas, NV 89789