You’re a “Las Vegas Local”? Try Being a Tourist for a Day!

mandalay-bay-attraction-dive-with-sharks-tif-image-450-254-highAh…..Las Vegas. When you’re a local, living and working and doing all those normal things people do every day, it’s easy to forget about the fact that “Hey! I live in a city that people all over the world want to come to!” (That works both ways, of course…they normally think we all live in hotels and work in casinos, right?)

Seriously, though – life in Southern Nevada really does offer a whole lot more “awesome” than most of us give it credit for. Certainly the Las Vegas Strip provides entertainment galore – but the sheer volume of recreation, events, and things to do outside of the Strip is so vast that we can see why it takes people several trips to fit them all in.

Seems like a shame that so many of us “locals” still haven’t done a lot of this stuff (that we’ve listed below). Or have you?

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour. The truth now – you’ve known about them for a loooooong time. But have you ever? This one has been such a mainstay of Las Vegas for so long, we’re actually curious how many of you have done the “tourist” thing and flown it?

Nature & Wildlife Tours. Those pink Jeeps have piqued your interest before when you’ve seen them on the road, haven’t they? They should – because this is the #3 Outdoor Activity for Las Vegas, according to Trip Advisor. Take your pick of guided tours – from the “Bright Lights City” to Death Valley, Hoover Dam, or the Grand Canyon. Oh wait, don’t forget about the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon!

Extreme Aviation Experience. Sky Combat Ace – now that’s a company name that conjures up images, eh? Go solo, take a group with you – then pick your experience. Aerial Dogfighting? Check. Aerobatics? Check. Flight Training? Check. A bit on the pricey side (so just make it one of your once-in-a-lifetime bucket list items) – but think of the stories you’ll have to tell!

Dive with the Sharks. While Las Vegas is well known for its poker sharks, very few visitors know that Mandalay Bay’s aquarium, Shark Reef, is one of the few in the world that allows SCUBA certified guests to get in the tank and swim with actual sharks, such as the fierce Sand Tiger.

Swim with the Dolphins. In the same vein, while several resorts worldwide let you swim with dolphins, only the Mirage offers a Dolphin Trainer For The Day Program – and even Dolphin Yoga!

Drive a Lamborghini. At Speed Vegas, you can take the wheel of a quarter million dollar Lamborghini Gallardo or Huracán – or how about a Ferrari? Or a Porsche Cayman GTS? Pretty much any of those options are going to give car aficionados the serious “speed fix” they’re looking for.

We’d love to fill you in on more of the incredible “experiences” offered around town, but hey – we have day jobs, too! The point of all this, though, is that like we said…. when you’re local, you forgot about all the options available right here at-hand. Let us know when you decide to try some of these out – or come up with even more exciting ones you can share!

These Las Vegas Parks Make It Easy to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

image003-copyWhile it may not feel like it at the moment, fall is fast approaching the Las Vegas valley. And with it comes our desire to get out of the air conditioning, get into nature, and enjoy the great outdoors that can be found all around Southern Nevada.

It may sound surprising, but many people have lived in Las Vegas all their lives and never taken the time to visit these wide open spaces and bask in their beauty. Don’t be one of them! In fact, we suggest you sit down right now and write up a weekend schedule to follow between now and the holidays – so you and your family can check each one of these great places off your bucket list. (And then YOU can be the one to ‘tsk, tsk!’ your friends who have never been to them! Isn’t that reason enough?!)

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Located just past the western edge of Las Vegas about 17 miles from downtown, Red Rock is home to iconic and spectacular scenery – notably the colorful rocks and dramatic cliffs that give a backdrop to the 13-mile one-way scenic drive known as “The Loop” – which features numerous hiking trails and scenic overlooks.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
Just down the road from Red Rock on Highway 159, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is a small oasis in the Mojave Desert. Natural springs are complemented with grassy meadows, trees from a former orchard, and hiking trails. Picnic areas and observation views are abundant here, and the red ranch house – its historic interior preserved – serves as both the visitor center and the centerpiece of the park.

Clark County Wetlands Park
This 2,900-acre oasis utilizes reclaimed water from the urban area of Las Vegas to flow through the park, which allows a permanent wetlands plant community to thrive. Home to 212 species of birds – including snowy egrets, burrowing owls, wood ducks and great blue herons with wingspans of 6-and-a-half feet – it is also a habitat for more than 70 species of mammals and reptiles

Springs Preserve
This award-winning 180-acre family destination boasts a vibrant history that features botanical gardens, interactive science and nature exhibits, animal shows and trails. 110 acres display cultivated and natural gardens, wildlife habitat, walking and biking trails and educational resources. There are also more than 1,200 species of native and desert-adapted plants housed in themed areas. Indoor experiences include exhibition galleries dedicated to showcasing art and traveling exhibitions of local and national significance, on-site technologically advanced learning centers and the Nevada State Museum.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
The most-visited entrance for Lake Mead is located four miles southeast of Boulder City, but there are other entrance points into this 1.5-million-acre park (that’s twice the size of Rhode Island!). It contains America’s largest man-made reservoir and features 50 miles of shoreline, multiple marinas, boating, fishing and water sports. It also caters to hikers, climbers, campers and car tours. (And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife!) Oh – did we mention there’s a big ol’ dam there, too?

Mount Charleston
Part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Mount Charleston is just 30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas and encompasses more than 316,000 acres of remarkable beauty and surprising diversity. During the winter months, skiing is a top draw. But when the weather warms, hiking trails, camping and picnicking are popular, and visitors have been known to encounter wild horses and elk. The area is actually home to more than 50 sensitive plants and animals, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. Other activities include horseback riding, mountain biking and rock climbing.

Valley of Fire State Park
Located 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest state park. Its brilliantly colored sandstone formations were generated from 150 million years of weathering in the Mojave Desert. Ancient trees and early man are represented throughout the park areas, while popular activities include camping, hiking, picnicking and photography. Seventy-two campsites are available for a fee, and a visitor center provides information about on-site attractions and the power of natural forces.

There you have it – seven perfectly wonderful sites that visitors from around the world make sure to see when they come to Las Vegas. Don’t you think it’s time you saw them for yourself? (we thought so….) Enjoy your travels!

Three Online Sources to Find Design Inspiration for Your New Home

image003Pretty pictures of homes. Perhaps the only thing that outnumbers them on social media and blog posts are even prettier pictures of food (because, hey, priorities!)

But really – it seems they’re everywhere you look, right? When you’re trying to find a new home design style that suits your life – and you’re starting with an empty canvas of a brand new home – you probably know that you can spend hours (maybe even days!) swiping through images on your mobile device. And eventually, you’ve looked at so many photos it seems your brain is so filled with ideas it’s just going to explode. (Note: That’s not a good look on your new home’s walls.)

So we thought it might be helpful to provide you with a short list of online sources that would be good places for you to begin your ‘personal style’ search. Take a little tour with us . . .


Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, you’ve probably already seen plenty of images and articles that come from this dynamic site. A huge resource for virtually any type of style that’s out there, it invites interaction with members (it’s free and easy to create your profile) from virtually all aspects of the home industry – from builders and designers to homeowners and contractors – and pretty much everything in-between. Houzz is a great place to begin your search because it makes it easy for you to create “Ideabooks” where you can create projects by room, gather ideas and images from across the internet to add to your Ideabooks, and ask people and companies to provide feedback, suggestions, ultimately helping you find the look that’s just right for you.

House Beautiful

An excellent resource for articles on almost any topic pertaining to homes, House Beautiful has a wide variety of guest bloggers whose experience can collectively be considered encyclopedic. Search for information by topic, by design style, even by room. For those who like to dig a little further behind the photos alone, this website has the chops to deliver.

House and Garden

Some people may not know that there is no longer a U.S. version of this site – but the U.K. version is alive and well – and that’s really kind of cool when you think about it. Just like American television has a tendency to re-create U.K. shows, if you take a good look at the U.K. House and Garden site – you can do the same thing with design. (Be the first on your block to add fresh, new looks to your home that perhaps haven’t hit the States in full yet!)

In fact, it’s really a good idea to spend some time seeking out other international design sites for ideas as it can open your eyes to different concepts and elements. It may actually lead to you incorporating those looks and style elements that speak to you personally so that you can create an entirely new design style that is ‘uniquely you.’

The best thing about interior home design? You’re able to try different things – colors, accents, furniture, and more – and if you plan wisely, can change the whole scheme and look with minimal effort and expense. (Just remember, when it comes to the pricey items, think quality and classic – because accessories are easily and affordably changed, and hey – you can always repaint the walls!)

Harmony Homes is First Las Vegas Builder to Join “Above Code” Program

sngbp_logoSome times, you just need to say: “Hey! Lookie what we did!” And we thought that this was one of those times. (But very humbly, of course!)

We’re proud to announce that in our typical Harmony Homes fashion of remaining on the leading edge of new home building in the Las Vegas valley, we have recently taken a huge step forward with our commitment to energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible development.

This month, the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association (SNHBA) announced that Harmony Homes is the first builder to sign up to participate in the newly-launched “Above Code Program” – part of the association’s Southern Nevada Green Building Partnership Program.

Our three newest communities, Malibu, Daybreak, and Talus – as well as all future Harmony Homes neighborhoods – will exceed the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code, and we are committed to continuing to produce electric, gas, and water savings in our new homes that will consistently go beyond building code requirements.

The Above Code Program is administered jointly by SNHBA and CHEERS (ConSol – Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services, a major energy consulting firm based in Stockton, California) in an effort to promote energy efficient and environmentally sensitive home building in metropolitan Las Vegas.

To learn more about the goals and requirements of the Southern Nevada Green Building Partnership, we invite you to visit the website at

Harmony Homes – we’re on your side!

Spring Landscaping Tips That Won’t Break The Budget

image003Lovely landscaping doesn’t need to be expensive, or high-maintenance, either. Here in our Southern Nevada desert climate, there are many clever and cost-saving ways to create an outdoor environment you’ll enjoy spending time in (without having to work so hard to keep it that way).

Here are a few tips to help you get started making the most of the trees, plants and ground-coverings that flourish here in Las Vegas – without breaking the bank to do it.

Avoid lawns. We’re in the desert – so why pretend it’s the Augusta National Golf Course? In fact, many local regulations won’t allow you to plant lawns now – but there are plenty of alternatives . . . from multiple levels of artificial turf to attractive hardscapes, or sculpted rock paths and formations. Let’s make it a point to save our water when we can. (And this is the place to begin.)

Use Desert-Friendly Plants and Vegetation. Common plants that thrive in our desert climate include mesquite, sage, yucca, bottlebrush, aloe and agave. Plants native to the desert Southwest will look best because they will be in their ideal growing conditions. They’ll also be cost-effective, as they won’t require expensive fertilizers. Choose plants that don’t require a large amount of water, and plant them in thick bunches to create a lush feeling. Questions about other plants you’re interested in? Just ask your local nursery for their recommendations.

Plan a Cactus Garden. It’s classic and economical. Begin with a foundation of sand-colored pebbles to form the base (i.e., “go cheap” on this part). Next, plant several types of cacti scattered throughout the yard. To add flair and character, add a few finishing touches – you can line pathways with potted plants, flowers, and herbs, or accents with solar landscape lighting.

Think Perennials – Not Annuals. They’re pretty when you see them everywhere in the spring and summer – those bright and enticing flats of annuals. But “annuals” mean just that. You’ll have to replace them every year – and that is definitely not kind to your budget. Perennials, on the other hand, will amaze you with their longevity. As they go through their growth, blooming and dormant seasons, they’ll continue to get larger and more beautiful each year.

Room for a Dry Stream? It won’t require much in the way of work, supplies, or maintenance. Just map out a spot in your yard for a small twisting stream—giving it beginning and end points. Fill out the area with river rocks or your choice of medium-sized rock. Finish with a couple of large boulders on the stream banks; add a small bush next to each rock – and voila! Instant landscape feature!

Seek Out Alternative Resources. Think outside the box. Check your local rock quarry to see what options are available to you for only a few dollars a ton that will handle your hard surface groundcover needs. Or keep your eyes peeled for demolition sites – because broken concrete can also be an inexpensive alternative. If you want to add definition to your design, pick up some affordable bender boards and stakes from a garden supply store to create pathways and/or contained areas of rock. Be creative – keep your eyes open – and you just may find the perfect, zero-cost method of turning your yard into your personal outdoor playground.

Whether you just moved into a new home and need to decorate on a budget or if your yard needs a facelift, there are a number of ways to landscape your yard with limited funds. Enjoy making your new home “The” place to be for your friends and family this season!

9 Off-The-Beaten-Path Home Decor Ideas For The Holidays

The holidays are upon us – and while you’re baking and decorating and planning festive gatherings, we think it’s always nice to add a personal touch to your home decorating style. Goodness knows everyone is seeing the same products and traditional decor ideas everywhere they go when shopping or dining (or casino-ing!). But what about changing it up – maybe just a little – and making your home or tree or table just a little bit different? We thought it would be fun to explore, and so we’re sharing a few ideas we’ve found with you here!

image003First of all – who says trees have to be made of, well, trees? If you want something unique and different that shows off your creativity and talent in unconventional ways, try this striking hanging bulb formation that offers a light and airy alternative to the norm. A fun and festive use of the tools of the season, it’s not only space-saving – but just think of the lack of needles to clean up on December 26!


image005If space limitations are an issue, or perhaps you just don’t want to make a huge deal of the holidays in your home – use your imagination to set the scene with the most basic of tools. It doesn’t get much simpler than rope and tape! Add a few gift cards and a handful of color-coordinated ornaments – and Voila! The holiday scene is set! (And memorable – all your friends will be jealous of the easy after-holiday transition you’ll have!)

image007This is one of our favorites – for sheer “Why didn’t *I* ever think of that?!” value. This strategic tree-shaped placement of a book-lover’s assets including a simple string of lights makes a fabulous statement about the season AND the resident’s preferences! (We can even picture smaller versions of this being created and given to the voracious readers on your gift list!)


image009Somehow, we envision this charming inverted tree as being an OCD person’s delight. Space is maximized, the cat can’t reach the ornaments, and you don’t even have to rearrange the furniture to accommodate the decor. Seriously – what’s not to love?



image011This particular style deserves an award in our opinion for “most-ingenious-use-of-everyday-items.” While we personally love the minimalist setting and color scheme, it’s easy to see how this idea can be used to create wondrous combinations of accessories and color.



But of course, the tree isn’t the only holiday concession made in your home this season, most likely. Finding ways to bring the glitz and glamour of this time of year into other spots in your home can be as unique as you are, too.

image013You may already have the china and accessories for the table setting – but look at how easy it is to accentuate the effect by adding Wreath Chandeliers overhead? It’s finishing touches like this that make the event – and you can almost already hear the “Ooohs!” and “Ahhhhs!” of your guests when they sit down to this meal.


image015A special touch where it’s least expected – such as this garland that winds around kitchen island pendant lighting – shows that you enjoy taking those special extra steps to delight your guests and make every occasion a little more special.



image017If space allows – and you’re blessed with a kitchen and island like this – what a lovely statement tabletop holiday tree makes! It’s one more example allowing those feel-good sensations to sweep throughout your entire home.



image019And who can forget the pièce de résistance? When it comes to the most welcoming and home-y place of all in your home (aka, the fireplace – not to mention The Santa issue)- there’s no such thing as “too much greenery.” At least, that’s what we think! Dress it up, add the frills, and take it over the top…….and if you want, you could probably make this the only holiday decor in your home – because no one will want to take their eyes off of it!

However you do it, we hope you’re enjoying this joyful and busy and heart-warming time of the year. We’re doing the same thing at all our Harmony Homes around Las Vegas and California!

5 Steps Help You Take Your Living Room to the Back Yard

WyndhamYou see them pretty much everywhere these days: Back yard living rooms that make you want to just kick back, relax, and put your feet up right on the coffee table fireplace – even if you’re walking through a model home at the moment. The images are everywhere, online, in home magazines, and pretty much anyplace that sells products that are meant to go into a back yard.

And why not? They look incredible, after all. Especially in a city like Las Vegas with sunshine over 300 days of the year, outdoor living isn’t a trend – it’s a lifestyle. Outdoor rooms add versatile and elegant square footage to your home. They extend your living space and are typically more affordable than interior home renovations and construction.

If you’ve been thinking about stepping up the features and livability of your back yard space, here’s a few suggestions to get you started down that path. (And then you can invite us over for your award-winning bbq recipe!)

Step 1: Decide what you’ll be using your new Outdoor Living Room for the most.

Do you have a big family and lots of friends that make you want to get outside more often for meals or casual entertaining? Or are you looking for a peaceful place to relax? Defining the use of your outdoor space gives you a blueprint of how to furnish and outfit your new outdoor living area to best meet your needs.

Basically, the first step is to determine the overall purpose for your new living area. Imagine how you will use the space, and think about a layout, furniture and possibly even appliances that will help you realize your dream. And then . . .

Step 2: Determine your budget.

While it’s certainly possible to create an inspiring outdoor space at minimal cost – you also have the option of taking your kitchen and dining room on the road, too. A back yard oasis gives you all the options you could ask for – from adding a full range of appliances, such as ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, cabinetry, and sinks – to beautiful mood-setting (and serviceable) outdoor fireplaces, either freestanding, set into furniture pieces, or placed in a traditional wall location. Building a patio or veranda with a cover? Be sure to factor in the ceiling fans – they’re great for circulating air in all seasons.

The point is, you have options. And if not all of them are cost-effective for you at once, you can simply plan ahead with certain infrastructure inclusions that will allow you to add items easily later. (For example, if you’re putting in any hardscape such as concrete or pavers, install piping or necessary electrical conduit lines for easy access in the future.)

Step 3: Set the mood. Lighting and warmth create atmosphere.

Those fireplaces we mentioned above – talk about romantic evenings; or even to create that sense of gathering around a campfire in the great outdoors. (And seriously, when’s the last time you actually got to toast a marshmallow on a stick – besides on your stovetop?) The point is, lighting – whether from a gas flame or Chinese lanterns has a huge effect on the feel and tone of your space. Taking the time to find some special and creative lighting features will make a noticeable difference in the atmosphere you create for your guests.

Step 4: Take a look around. Discover the best features of your back yard space – then design and furnish it accordingly.

If you’re creating an outdoor room in a location that offers an incredible setting, select and arrange your furniture to show it off. Or take advantage of garden areas to add calming elements, like a meditation bench, or to showcase a poolside deck. The important thing is to choose pieces that appeal to you aesthetically, whether it’s a matching set from Home Depot, or a collection of singular favorite pieces from multiple places. Think Pier One, Home Goods – those great chairs, benches or sofas that you’ve seen in the past and loved, but just didn’t have a place to put them . . . yet. Now’s your chance!

You’ll also want to consider your local climate – in the case of Las Vegas, specifically where the sunlight falls in your space. Then plan accordingly with umbrellas, shades, or other protection. That way, you can utilize your outdoor space even more often.

Step 5: Correctly assess what you can do yourself – and what you should hire the professionals to handle. (See our last blog post for clues on this topic)

Once you’ve gone through the planning and the process of bringing it to life, there’s one thing you won’t need to worry about: Friends and family helping you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Outdoor spaces bring people together, put people at ease, and will be a source of many happy memories for years to come. So, what kind of wine did you say you like?

How To Choose The Right Neighborhood For Your Family

Las_Vegas_Mountains_Edge_1You’ve heard it a million times, right? The only thing that counts in buying a home is “Location, location, location.” But what does that really mean? “Location” can mean many different things to people. To some, it could boil down to one thing: “How close (or far away) is it from the nearest Rubio’s?” But as you’re deciding which new Harmony Home to purchase, here are a few things to consider:


Do you have school-aged children? Any “on the way” soon? If the answer is yes, one of the most important things to consider is the school system in the area you’re investigating. We all know how critical education is, and your kids deserve the very best they can get. (Of course, if the answer is “no,” you may want to be in an area that’s not so close to ANY school, in order to avoid the usual parking and traffic issues associated with school start and end times.)

Are your children involved in a lot of activities? How far away is the neighborhood from your daughter’s dance school? How far from your son’s Little League practices and games? As you take into account the proximity to parks, public pools, and community centers where your kids will have plenty of activities readily available, keep in mind that generally speaking, purchasing a home in the these areas can actually add to its eventual resale value.


How far do you commute to your job? Remember that you will be making that trip, to and from work, an average of 250 days per year. Of particular interest to Las Vegas residents, perhaps you’ll want to consider is whether or not you will find yourself driving straight into the sun (both ways), or not. That can add extra strain to the usual stress of commuting.


Do you wish to be in a newer development, or a more settled-in area? There are benefits to each, but in newer developments, you’ll want to keep in mind that stores and facilities are newer and on the rise, so you just may be near all the great shopping and restaurants that you’ll want to frequent often.

Think about what your current location lacking in the way of amenities that you crave. Have you always wanted to live by the water? Is excellent shopping a “must” for you? Need that Starbucks, first thing in the morning, EVERY morning? Some of these things may sound insignificant now, but consider those things that you do (or would LIKE to do), every single day – because it adds to the quality of your life to be able to include them.

Now that you’re armed with some really useful information about where and how you want to live, prioritize these items and make a check list. Then, take a look at the prime locations where we have placed our Harmony Homes neighborhoods in Southern Nevada – because you’re likely to discover they all include some (or all) of the things that you’re looking for in your next neighborhood.

Top 4 Things To Remember When Buying A New Home

18x6zk45zldtbjpgFew things are more exciting than shopping for a new home. Taking the family along to explore all the options that are out there, visiting model homes then re-visiting your favorites, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the designs and interiors, discovering the surrounding neighborhoods – it’s all very fun stuff. And we’re not just saying that because we’re a new home builder.

Because we know it’s a time when you’re making big plans for your future and all the excitement and sorta-scary part of the unknown is running through your head. What new people will you meet? Where will your kids to go school and what friendships will they make there? You’ll talk it over, search online, find decorating ideas you love, and finally, in your mind you have the image of “The Perfect Home” for you. This is your chance to create a happy, beautiful and solid base, where family is the most important thing – and even better, you just love waking up there every single day.

So if you’re just getting started on this journey, or might even be in the middle of it right now – we wanted to offer you some pointers on things you’ll want to remember while you search for the home that speaks just to you.

1. Location. (Location. Location.) You’ve heard it before – you’ll hear it again. But these days, it’s got a bit of a different meaning – because in real estate parlance, that used to imply finding a location that will re-sell easily. Today, it’s becoming more and more common for people to live longer in their homes, and why not? When you invest time, money and energy into making it just the way you want it – what’s the point if you’re just going to leave? Remember, your property doesn’t exist in a bubble – it’s part of a larger community that you will interact with daily. So when you’re thinking about “location” – consider how it fits into your lifestyle. Are good schools important to you? Do you want to be near parks or open spaces? Close to shopping, entertainment, and restaurants? Is easy highway access important for your work? Each family is unique in their wants and needs, so be sure to evaluate what matters most to you.

2. A Quality Builder. Do your homework about the quality of the home you buy, because it certainly won’t be the perfect home if you can’t rely on its construction integrity and know that you have a builder who stands behind their work. Look at the track record of your builder, and for that matter – sit down with that builder and ask them your questions face-to-face. We encourage that behavior, because Harmony Homes been building new homes in Las Vegas for years, and our reputation is what we consider our most important asset. We pride ourselves on providing a premium experience for each and every buyer – from the first time you visit one of our communities, to close of escrow and the service experience beyond.

3. Value and Price. Actually, those are two completely different things – but as each will affect your pocketbook, you should consider both in your search. And while it’s great fun to look at million-dollar model homes, they’re not for everyone. So choosing the right price range for your budget is important for your family’s financial security. Don’t overextend so you can’t personalize your home the way you imagine. (You don’t want to just hope for that new furniture after you move into your new home – you want to be able to buy it, too!). But value comes into play when you’re looking at what you’ll receive for the price you pay. Pay close attention to the features that are included in your home, and those for which you’ll need to pay extra. (By the way, we’re not too shy to say that Harmony Homes include a great list of standard features that our buyers have come to expect from us. So make sure we’re on your ‘shopping list’ when you’re looking at new homes!)

4. Design, Square Footage, and Lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a single-level home or a two-story design – there are probably certain features you already have in mind. (“Honey, we want the kids’ rooms on the other side of the house from ours!”) We all bring with us past experiences – some we love, some we really want to change. So take that knowledge and determine what order your priorities are. Do you just want more room (and rooms) to provide you with private space? Focus on square footage and floorplans. Are you hoping for something a little more stylish than your current home? Ask your builder about personalizing opportunities. Some things are just more important to you than others, so take the time to identify what those items are.

At Harmony Homes, we’ve been there ourselves. (After all, we live in Las Vegas, too!) That’s why when we create a new neighborhood, we’re doing it for the people who are our neighbors. So we pay attention to every detail. From the location and surrounding area, to the architectural style and floorplans, and right down to the doorknobs and the faucets – every decision we make is based on knowing how today’s families want to live and experience their home environment. Because that is, after all the most important part: It’s Home.

Which Pumpkin Recipe is your Favorite

In honor of Thanksgiving, this week’s blog post is all about pumpkin! Usually the tradition is pumpkin pie at for dessert at Thanksgiving, but have you ever tried anything else? We hope you have a wonderful day full of family, food and everything you’re thankful for! Here are a few ways to eat pumpkin that is NOT pie!

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
When you carve out your pumpkins for Halloween, save the seeds! Boiled, baked and lightly salted, pumpkin seeds are one of the best fall treats!

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Take ½ cup of ice, ½ cup vanilla yogurt, 1 tsp. Honey, ¼ tsp. Pumpkin pie spice and ¼ cup of pumpkin puree, blend together and you have a pumpkin pie smoothie!

For even more great recipes click here: We have 8 more pumpkin recipes that are NOT Pie!

HH-Blog-ThanksgivingFrom our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.