Las Vegas Fall Activities

Even in the desert, pumpkins are one of the best parts of October. With cooler weather trying to push through and not much of the traditional “fall” scenery, pumpkins and fall-like activities are very exciting in Las Vegas. Below is a list of pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses and more to really spice up your season!

Haunted Houses:
Bonnie Screams – located in Blue Diamond, NV, rests three haunted houses, haunted train, haunted trails and more! Located in a ghost town just outside Las Vegas, just how much haunted can you handle? 9571d5e76138b17c7e9ef2a4e18fce3d.jpg

Project X – Located in North Las Vegas, explore the old government bunker with confusing mazes and experimenting gone wrong!

Pumpkin Patches:
Gilcrease Orchard – Fun for the whole family! Enjoy picking your own fruits and vegetables along with finding the perfect pumpkin! pumpkin

McKee Ranch Family Pumpkin Patch – find the biggest pumpkin in the patch, run through the maze or take a hay ride all in once place!

There is much more haunting and fun to be had, where would you recommend?

Downtown Summerlin

If you didn’t make it our to the Downtown Summerlin Grand Opening this past weekend, you definitely missed out. From boutiques to food trucks to department stores they really have thought of everything! Conveniently located just off the 215 Beltway, Downtown Summerlin is just miles from Harmony Home communities Silhouette and Mesa Verde!

Officials announced that Downtown Summerlin can help create growth for our economy.

“The opening of Downtown Summerlin will dramatically change the commercial real estate market in Southern Nevada, five senior industry executives agree. But they differ on just how those changes will be felt in the valley’s submarkets”

Click to read more from the Review Journal & what these industry executives have to say.

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Fall Activities in the Desert

There are always so many different events and activities going on in Las Vegas and surrounding cities like Henderson, Boulder City and Laughlin. We decided to point out a few events that you may not have heard of before and would like to attend!free-fall-clipart-bTyRRqeTL

Gilcrease Orchard
Gilcrease Orchard is a very exciting place to be, especially in the desert. In the Fall is one of the best times to visit as well! You can pick fruits and veggies while enjoying the fun Fall activities. Gilcrease Orchard has a pumpkin patch and hay maze during this season along with their orchard and huge garden. You can even purchase apple cider, all-natural peanut butter or honey! “It’s a beautiful setting with proximity to the mountains, and something unique to this city.” Click here to see more!

52nd Annual Art in the Park
This is one of the largest outdoor art festivals in the Southwest while being the largest fundraiser for the Boulder City Hospital Foundation. This event will be held October 4-5 in Boulder City, Nevada, not too far from the flashing lights of Las Vegas! If you are thinking of attending or would like to join in on the fun, please click here to learn more.

Fall Beer Fest
At the Golden Nugget you can always count on a good time! The Fifth Annual Beer Fest will take place October 10 & 11, featuring an event on Friday and a pool party event on Saturday. With selections from 30 breweries and chef inspired appetizers, if you haven’t attended before, you should think about attending now! Click here for event details and pricing.

So what do you think? Will you try out any of these upcoming events? Do you have any to share?


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Welcome to your New Harmony Home!

Unknown-1One of the most exciting parts of getting a new home is showing it off to your closest friends and family. The moment doesn’t quite compare to getting the keys and walking into your home for the first time, but it comes pretty close. Here is a compiled list of things to think about when you are hosting you’re your first “get together”.

- First, decide what kind of party you would like to throw. A neighborhood get together, traditional guest list party, just family or a mixture!

- Now choose a theme. Would you like to grill out during the afternoon and encourage everyone to bring a dish? How about and evening of appetizers and everyone brings a bottle of wine? Whichever you choose it is important to create a flow to the room. Make it warm and welcoming when your guests arrive.

- You will probably want to show off your new home as well so a tour is important! It is up to your discretion whether to lead the tour, have a family member lead the tour or make it a free for all!

- Food and beverages are pretty important as well. Designate the kitchen or dining room as the area for people to grab a snack and a drink. Most likely this will become the gathering area and if it a great party, none of your guests will ever want to leave.Unknown

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Its Time to go Back to School!

UnknownSummer is ending and it is back to school we go! While the summer was fun and exciting we thought it would be helpful to put together some “back to school safety tips and reminders” to keep everyone out of trouble and aware.


Before children get back into the swing of riding the bus, walking to school or riding with a friend be sure to go over a few safety rules, just as a reminder:

  • When walking to school make sure there is a safe route with sidewalks, crosswalks and crossing guards.
  • Make sure you know the route that your children are taking and remind them never to talk with strangers
  • Have your children walk to and from school with a buddy, sibling or neighbor. It is too dangerous to be walking around alone.
  • If you are biking to school or a motorist near the school, be sure to slow down and remain cautious of your surroundings, wear a helmet and stop when buses are stopped.
  • When riding the bus to school, children should be reminded to stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop, never bend down in front of or around the bus and wait for the bus to make a complete stop before trying to get on.
  • Go over your home address, phone number and a plan in case there is an emergency.

images-1If you are traveling in a school zone, please be aware of little ones running around, crossing the street and getting out of cars or off of the bus. Remember that a fine for speeding in a school zone results in a ticket and endangers everyone around. Keep your family up to date with the school safety and your own safety rules for a happy, relaxing and safe school year!

Daybreak Spotlight

Daybreak’s location at the base of Sunrise Mountain has become one of Harmony Homes’ most sought after communities. Thanks to its low prices, high value and impressive views of the Las Vegas Valley, the interest in this “dream home” community is outstanding.

UnknownDaybreak is in a great location for families looking for amenities like parks, golf courses, schools and shopping. Las Vegas High School and East Career & Technical Academy are just down the street. Daybreak is close enough for convenience but far enough for quiet, safe living.

Daybreak features three floor plans ranging from 1,739 to 2,275 square feet. Each home has a list of standard features and amenities such as wood grain interior doors, granite countertops, recessed lighting, solar panels, gas dryer hook up and energy efficient gas heating system. We have an even longer list of amazing features here.

Harmony-Advertorial-0613-425x284With efforts to save you money, Harmony Homes also offers options for more affordable energy. Beyond exceeding the energy standards in the Las Vegas building codes, Daybreak by Harmony Homes, also offers several low cost energy efficient options to enhance the comfort and affordability of your new home. If you would like to learn more about this please contact our sales agents. They are the best at what they do and can
answer your questions further 702-527-7700.

If you are interested in Daybreak or another Harmony Homes Community please call 702-527-7700, contact a representative or visit our website for all of your home buying questions! 

Monsoon Season in the Desert

“Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day” is not something we have learned to sing as residents of the desert! However, many people who are not from Las Vegas do not fully understand monsoon season!

Monsoons are a shift in wind direction, which causes excessive rainfall in many parts of the world. The primary mechanism behind a monsoon is a shift in global wind patterns.

Starting in late May/Early June and ending in early September, the air gets so hot that it tries to share energy with the cold upper atmosphere. The sun warms up the deserts in the southwestern U.S. and northwestern Mexico creating a “vacuum” of air pressure above the desert.

There are two major risks during monsoon season; Flooding and Fire! When the rain falls at a fast rate in a short amount of time, there is not much time to get soaked up and it tends to create major flooding. On the other hand, since the valley is on the outer edge of the monsoon range, we are also at major risk of lighting striking dried up trees and causing fires!

According to the National Weather Service, and reported by FOX5, “the wettest monsoon season since they have been keeping records was 1984 when 3.94” of rain fell. The driest was in 1944 when only a trace of rain was recorded.”

It is important to be aware of monsoon season and all the dangers that come with it. Here are a few “safety tips” for monsoon season in Las Vegas

Benefits of Living in Las Vegas

Many people think of Las Vegas and only see the strip. Residing here is not what most people would think. The Las Vegas Strip is a great benefit for entertainment and activities but Residential areas in Lake Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin has many other benefits.
imagesEntertainment: Las Vegas is arguably “The Entertainment Capital of the World” and people come all over for the food, shows, conventions and events. Living here means attending all of the exciting “happenings” without travel expenses.

Schools: Green Valley Ranch High School was recently voted one of the top high schools in the nation and is conveniently located to some of our Harmony Homes Communities.

Sunlight: On average Las Vegas has over 300 sunny days a year. Sunlight is proven increase serotonin in your body making people happier. 

Golf Courses: Some of the golf courses across Henderson and Las Vegas have been rated the top in the world. See for yourself

Employment: The current job market is increasing every day. Las Vegas is home to many start up businesses as well as stable, powerful corporations.

Variety: This location is close to California, Arizona and Utah for weekend trips. There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to adventures and weekend trips.

Thinking about making a move? Call Harmony Homes 702-576-0549 with questions about their available inventory and top-selling communities or visit to see all of your different elevations, locations and home designs. Buy New. Buy Smart. Buy Harmony

Safe Driving Tips

Speeding & Distractions
- We all know that being on your phone and driving is very distracting. We have all heard the messages and seen the statistics. It is not worth the risk, and neither is speeding! Speeding is usually a major factor in accidents. There is a limit for a reason and driving 10mph fast really only saves you a few minutes. If you really need to be somewhere, allow yourself 10 minutes extra to get there.

images-1Seat Belts
- Even low speed crashed can send you out a window/windshield; it is better to stay safe and supported with a seatbelt than to deal with the consequence. In the overwhelming majority, it saves your life to wear your seatbelt.

- In Las Vegas we don’t have to worry about much bad weather, but when we do its windy and flooding! When the wind is bad don’t try to be a speed racer, take your time or drive safe when the wind is trying to blow you off the road. Flooding happens every year and still we have many accidents. When the rain starts, remember that you can’t drive as fast as normal and when there is water in the road you never know how deep or dangerous it really it. It is best to go around it, not through it.

Driving with other Drivers
- Sometimes it is safe to assume and keeps you more aware, if you think that other drivers don’t know what they are doing. A good “rule-of-thumb” is to be prepared to brake, even if you have the right of way. Another key safety tip is to never assume that the person with their turn signal on is actually turning. You never know if they are turning or they simply forgot to turn it off after they switched lanes.

- Don’t be the impatient driver putting everyone else around you in danger. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and follow the speed limit. If you are more of a defensive driver you may be able to anticipate an accident before it happens and avoid it. That is much better than speeding because you are late and ending up IN the accident!

Vehicle Maintenance
- Maintenance shouldn’t be done just for the good of the car, but for your safety as well. One of the most common maintenance problems that people have and leads to crashing is tire pressure. Uneven tire pressure or pressure that is too high or low can lead to a blowout. Another key area is the brakes. Make sure that if you feel something is not right with your brakes you get it checked out right away. It might be nothing but it is best to be safe rather than sorry!